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Trampoline Beds

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Performance Weave Fabric Colors Targeted Safety Fabric SunShield

Round Trampoline Bed

Round Trampoline Bed :

While buying a trampoline, the first thing that people think about trampoline is bed which is also known as bed. Among all the sizes - round trampolines are the most common one. The bounce on the round bed is not very high and moreover it is designed to keep the jumper in center. Also, round trampoline is generally used for backyard fun so it is safe for children as they can play in adult supervision.

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Rectangle/Square Trampoline Bed

Rectangle/Square Trampoline Bed :

For competitive trampolining, generally rectangular beds are used. These rectangular beds are used in the Olympics, Circuses and even by Professional Trampoliners. It is excellent for gymnastics and trampoline tricks as springs on a rectangular trampoline are more flexible so the bounce is strong and provides more height in the jump. Round trampoline is fit if you are looking for large surface area.

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Octagonal Trampoline Bed

Octagonal Trampoline Bed :

An octagon-shaped trampoline bed gives you that 'round' shape but without pulling the jumper into the center. Bouncers have more control over their jumping.

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 Notes :

1. The trampoline bed is the black fabric that is jumped on, while the safety pad covers the frame and springs.
2. Springs sold separately.

  Trampoline Bed Enhancement Options :

Performance Weave   Performance Weave :

Rectangle and octagon trampoline bed customers can select between normal and performance weaves. Performance trampoline bed fabric has more porosity and delivers a slightly better bounce due to reduced air resistance while jumping. Performance trampoline bed fabric is made of black polypropylene and is not similar to competition grade Euro or Aussie string beds.

Add $9.95

Fabric Colors   Fabric Colors :

Trampoline Bed Fabric Colors

Add fun and style to your trampoline with our unique color options. Our colored fabrics are woven with a blend of colored and black yarns making the color intensity change with viewing angle. Be the first in your neighborhood to say no to boring black.

Available in 4-Check, Forest Green & Plum Purple Fabric.

Add $19.95 (Half/Half).
Add $9.95 (Others).

Targeted Safety Fabric   Targeted Safety Fabric :

Trampoline Bed Targeted Safety Fabric

Trampoline Pro Shop's exclusive targeted safety fabric adds safety to every bounce. The unique targeted design helps jumpers remain in the center, the safest part of the trampoline. Center reference points are standard on all Olympic trampoline beds and this innovative fabric finally delivers this safety enhancement to your backyard. Unlike printed targets that always wear off, Trampoline Pro Shop's unique woven target provides a permanent safety advantage.

Available for beds up to 12-ft 5 inches wide (165 cm).

Add $29.95

SunShield   SunShield :

Trampoline Bed Sunshield

Trampoline Pro Shop’s SunShield adds years to trampoline bed life by protecting perimeter stitching from UV-exposure. Typically, the rows of stitching around the perimeter of your trampoline's bed last about 30% to 50% as long as the actual trampoline bed fabric. After this perimeter stitching fails, the trampoline bed must be repaired or replaced. SunShield is a heavy-duty blue webbing, wider and heavier than seat belt webbing and it is sewn on top of the perimeter stitching of the trampoline bed to protect it from UV-exposure.

SunShield will approximately double the life of your structural stitching. While basic trampolines bed stitching is warranted for 2-years, SunShield extends this stitching warranty to 4-years.

Color Selection: Chocolate Brown, Black, Snowball White, Pacific Blue and Army Green.

Add $29.95

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