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Trampolines are made up of a metal frame holding a mat together using metal springs. Trampoline springs in one of the most important part of a trampoline because it helps in giving a boost in the air. The bed or jumping surface is perched by the springs that are attached to the frame range in different sizes depending on size of trampoline.

The premium quality of our springs is the direct outcome of our R&D efforts focused on developing heavy-duty trampoline springs made from galvanized wire. Our trampoline springs outlast any imported chrome trampoline springs. Our entire range of trampoline springs has a resiliency that is designed for a fantastic bounce.

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Backyard Trampoline Springs Performance Trampoline Springs
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It is wise to check the springs often. The easiest way to check the condition of spring is to take them in your hand and shake. The ones that are no longer good will shake with more looseness than the others. Replace trampoline spring if the coil does not return to its normal shape when removed from frame. In general - the springs demand replacement every two to three years.

If there is a deposit of 'powdery white' substance on the hook, this is a sign that the hooks are beginning to rust and should be replaced and if you see red oxidation on any part of the spring body and the trampoline's bouncing will be greatly reduced and it would be risky in terms of safety and longevity so it need an immediate replacement.

To know more about ordering trampoline springs you can visit us at www.trampolineproshop.com/trampoline-springs.php or speak to one of our customer service representatives at 1-800-586-7456, 1-706-376-8792.

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