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Trampoline Fabric


Our trampoline fabrics are ideal for many products and projects. Our fabrics are 100% made in USA and are ideal for demanding outdoor applications requiring strength and longevity.

Warranty - 5-year warranty against defectsin materials and workmanship.

Contract Manufacturing - Custom cutting, marking and fabrication is available on our computerized cutting and marking systems. Please contact us for quote.

Bulk Buyers - Buyers wishing to purchase full rolls of trampoline fabric or other high strength industrial fabrics are encouraged to contact us.


  Trampoline Fabric Enhancement Options :

Prices Table
Fabric Name Colors
Fabric Width
Weft *
Warp *
Black Black Black $17.39
Deep Blue Royal Blue Black
Forest Green Forest Green Black $19.38
Pecan Tan Tan Black $19.38
Royal Blue Blue Blue $20.50
Champagne Champagne Champagne $20.50

 Exclusive Fabric Colors

Trampoline Fabrics
Move the cursor on color swatches
Black Trampoline Fabrics Forest Green Trampoline Fabrics
Black Forest Green
Deep Blue Color Trampoline Fabrics Pecan Tan Color Trampoline Fabrics
Deep Blue Pecan Tan
  Note :
Fabric is priced per linear yard.
1 linear yard = 1 yard long X full width of fabric.
Square feet per linear yard: 155" = 38.8 sq ft Minimum order = 3 linear yards.
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E-mail :
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